How long will my full feature wedding video be? Every wedding is different, but our average wedding video is between 30 minutes and 1 hour, fully edited. Things like ceremony length and the number of toasts, speeches can really impact the length of a video. 

How long will my Teaser video be? 1-3 minutes 

Is the drone coverage included with my wedding package? YES

How many cameras/ angles do you use? We use a 3 camera set-up for your ceremony and 2-3 throughout the day, all 4K. 

How do you record our vows? We clip a small microphone on the groom that will capture the ceremony audio. If possible, we will also plug a recorder directly into the venues sound system. 

How do you capture toasts/ speeches at our reception? We plug a recorder directly into your DJ's soundboard. If your DJ does not have a audio output available we use a series of camera audio and shotgun microphones. Have you ever been at a wedding where the DJ's microphones picks up tons of static or just straight up cuts out? We have too! And it is not good for video production. Confirming that your DJ has reliable equipment will give your wedding video the best possible audio. 

How do you choose my Teaser music? We license your Teaser music. We have access to a HUGH music library that we search through (sometimes for hours) until we find the music that fits your Teaser best. 

How many DVDs come with my package? You get (2) DVD's in addition to your online videos. The DVD's include your full feature video and Teaser video. 

What is the deposit and when is it due? The deposit is 25% of the total price and is due when you sign the contract to book your wedding. The remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your wedding. 

How far do you travel? 120 miles outside of the Quad Cities @.75 cents per mile

How long will it take to finish my wedding video? We do our best to deliver your wedding films within 3-4 weeks. Worst case scenario, it could take up to 120 days. 

Do we have to talk to the camera? No, but remember, this is your wedding video. This is for you and your significant other to watch and remember as you grow old together! Writing a letter to each other to read on camera can add some really awesome content to your wedding story. 

How should I act in front of the camera? Ignore the cameras, do your thing. 

How do you pick the music for my video?  We use music that you use for your wedding day. Songs from your ceremony, grand entrance and reception formals will be incorporated into your video. Any background music will be from the same music genre.

Can I pick my own music? Sure. 

What if I don't need the full 8 hours the package includes? If you do not need the full 8 hours we can prorate the cost

What if I need more than 8 hours? Additional hours are available @ $200 per hour

How do I make payments? We have a easy online way to pay directly from your invoice via credit/ debit card OR we also accept checks.

How many times are we required to meet before the wedding? We require 1 formal meeting or phone conference to go over all wedding details and specifics 2 weeks prior to your wedding. We are always here though, so we can meet and discuss details as much as needed!

Can I break up the 8 hours of coverage? No, it is a straight block of 8 hours. 

Do you sub work? No, we shoot and edit all of our wedding videos from start to finish. 

Can you hold my wedding date without a deposit? Unfortunately, no.